so I’ve decided I’m switching majors! that is: from studio arts, to some other major that will put me on a track towards become an addiction counselor

I’ve found that I do art best on my own terms, and as far as a job goes, I want something that will help others. art is ultimately a selfish endeavor for me. I love it, but more than anything I want to do something worthwhile, something that will truly hold meaning for not only myself but other people in a real, tangible way. this is not to say I’m going to stop doing art! In fact I do more art on my own than I ever have within the restrictions of my classes, and “making it” as an artist is still a constant hope.

but as far as my major goes. well I just get inordinately excited thinking about my decision. I think it will be a great thing


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    are you trying to rip my heart out? i’m just wondering…
  2. sydnicamillo said: Ah! That’s so exciting Emi! I’m a counseling major with holistic specialization and minoring in art therapy! And it’s so fun! :) I hope you love it :)
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